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World’s safest yet innovative motorcycle lifts and accessories designed to help every passionate rider in seasonal storing of their heaviest Harley Davidsons, Indian Motorcycle touring and other compatible touring models. The perfect tool and accessory to help while cleaning, making repairs, removal of wheels, lube change & any type of general maintenance… The perfect stable storing that too can be done even without any tie downs. Independent safety locking system [only of its kind] assures the storing with optimum safety. Flyjack motorcycle lifts are a perfect addition to the home garage as well as to motorcycle dealers and every repair shops.  Designed to unfold space-management, maneuverability, and safe storing on all hard level surfaces. These compact jacks are designed with the balanced lifting power of big service lifts with Hi mobility. The innovative design of lifting arms & independent safety locks with an anti-slip mechanism makes an effortless storing & maneuvering. Our Jack’s simple, quick, & easy features demand only basic technical skill. The compatible cruisers & ATV’s which firmly sits in the specified saddle area can be lifted & stored on these motorcycle lifts. Flymax pro [world’s only motorcycle jack with Go360]  was designed to provide effortless movements in any direction with the heaviest Harley Davidson on any hard level floors. Flymax pro features with the space-saving Go360 (Patented) design is an ideal tool for riders who are looking to get a solution to store their Harleys in narrow parking spaces just more than the width of their motorcycles or otherwise limited space in your garage. Flymax Pro-freedom to store or park the bikes in between two parallel parked motorcycles Or in between two service lifts in dealer repair shops. Flymax Pro provides you with the freedom to move the lifted motorcycle in a perpendicular or straight line direction forward or reverse through narrow passages with a width of 4 feet. Flymate Pro is an ideal solution for Indian motorcycle riders who need to store their rides safe in garage. Flymate Pro provides a secure & convenient storing of  Indian motorcycle to do anything from through washing to lube change, detailing, suspension repairs, wheel removal and safe rock solid seasonal storing. No need to hold the heaviest motorcycles with hands while trying to store. The jack can move with the lifted motorcycle to any corner of the garage with a gentle push. Simple easy, safe & rugged design makes the favourite for riders. The jacks are designed with the highest ground clearance in the industry and never demands a ‘T’ handle to move. It’s that easy…   To learn more – refer the product specs.