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  • World’s first Motorcycle Lift made with Go 360 feature for The Harley Davidson Riders Pro-Techs & Dealer Workshops
  • Goes Underneath of Motorcycles with 4.5″ Ground clearance While Laid on Kickstand
  • Most innovative Go 360 – Freedom to Move and Park the Stored Motorcycle through narrow passages just more than the width of the motorcycle
  • Freedom to move in perpendicular movement sideways forward or reverse direction
  • Freedom to make a 90-degree turn
  • Allows secure parking between two parallel parked Motorcycles in repair bays or in between the space of two service lifts in repair shops 
  • Freedom to move and park the stored dismantled motorcycle to any direction of the garage with just a flick

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  • A perfect tool & accessory made to help the rider
  • Simple & very easy to use
  • Hi mobility with Go 360 – Freedom to manoeuver your ride from corner to corner of your home garage or workshops
  • Safe accesses to all areas of your cruiser at a very comfortable working height.
  • Perfect working height for seasonal storing detailed cleaning removal of wheels suspensions lube change detailing & any kind of general maintenance
  • Provides a perfect balanced solid storing of heaviest Harley Davidson
  • Wider Noiseless & non-marking features make perfect to use on any floors (Indoor & outdoor)
  • Never leave any sign of marks on smooth floors
  • Ruggedness, sturdiness & build quality makes seasonal storing on flyjack safe, that too can be done without any strap downs
  • Gets the freedom to make a thoroughly detailed wash of your ride at a good working height
  • Gets the freedom to clean the inner side of fenders & underbody – make your motorcycle rust free
  • Freedom to clean the wheel spokes & wheel rims by rotating at a comfortable working height
  • Freedom to change engine oil & lubes by own will help to reduce service costs to just half
  • Freedom to adjust drive belts
  • Freedom to remove wheels to change tyres
  • Regular storing will enhance the lives of both suspensions, avoids tyre damages & rusty sticky joints
  • Minimum storing height 8.5″ allows an easy regular storing. Only of its kind
  • All needed things in maintenance can be done easily without bending your back



Flymax Pro with Go 360

  • Flymax Pro is designed for every passionate Harley Davidson riders & techs
  • Freedom to store the heaviest Harleys through confined narrow parking
  • Best crafted to use with home garage as well as service repair shops
  • Flymax pro is designed to provide easy movements in any direction with the heaviest Harleys on any hard level floors.
  • Flymax pro – an ideal solution for riders who need to store their rides in narrow parking spaces just more than the width of their motorcycles or otherwise limited space in your garage.
  • A straight line and 90 degrees turn & silky smooth turn around movement on both front and back directions
  • Allows an easy & convenient storing of your ride in between two parallel parked motorcycles, in between service lifts and in crowded parking bays in service shops
  • Freedom to move the stored motorcycle to any corner with ease
  • Gets the freedom to make most of  the space in a home garage by parking the lifted motorcycle to any space you find good enough
  • Flyjack Motorcycle Jacks are designed and manufactured with the lifting power of big motorcycle lifts


  • Simple easy safe rugged design
  • Best for seasonal storing (No need to tie down) balanced solid storing
  • Easy roll to any direction with a gentle push (Innovative Go 360)
  • Works under every compatible motorcycle with a minimum ground clearance of 4.5’’ while laid on kickstands
  • Maximum lift height of 17.5’’ allows a comfortable working height while on work stools
  • Freedom to sit very close (Just 4”) to the motorcycle while doing repairs


  • The motorcycles & ATV’s having an exposed frame with no obstruction in between that firmly sits on the specified saddle area can be stored on flymax pro.
  • Make sure the front castor frames have adequate free space and untouched with the kickstand, while the motorcycle laid on the kickstand.

Unique Design Feature:

  • The minimum storing height of 8 ½” allows easy storing for regular users. (Only of its kind)
  • No need to hold the motorcycle in an upright position.
  • A motorcycle lift built for heavy-duty professional regular use
  • Innovative anti-slip independent locking system (Only of its kind) makes FLYJACK flymax pro the best & safest jack


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Lifting capacity Limited to 1750 lbs [793 kg]
2.      Minimum collapsed height 4.5”
3.      Maximum storing height 17 ½”
4.      Minimum storing height 8 ½”
5.      Total storing positions 4 no’s
6.      Capacity of bottle jack used 6 Ton
7.      Total weight of the jack 94 Lbs [43kg]
8.      Material used High-grade structural steel
9.      Wheels four swivel casters  integrated with bearings
10.  Total support area width 17”
11.  Surface coating


12. Construction

Textured bright Black & Red and Black & Yellow powder-coated

The whole components were Hi-Quality MIG welded to ensure lifetime use


Dazzle crafts industries will provide a one-year warranty on its motorcycle jacks. The period of one-year is calculated from the actual date of purchase only. This warranty is nontransferable, hence applicable to the original purchaser [Buyer] only.

  • This one-year warranty is applicable for all domestic & international orders placed only on 
  • For any support or assistance-Connect with us at  Or  WhatsApp 91 9447609552



  • FLYJACK  Flymax Pro qualifies four levels of strict QC testing while manufacturing
  • The entire unit is crafted with the highest grade certified structural steel
  • The whole unit is fine quality MIG welded for high strength & durability
  • 6 Ton hydraulic bottle jack, specially Re-formulated for use in motorcycle jack ensures max safety.
  • Innovative anti-slip independent locking mechanism ensures optimum safety
  • The jack is assembled with hi-grade hard wares of 12.9 & 10.9 respectively to meet the maximum safety levels
  • The jack is fitted with high-quality 3mm rubber pads on both saddles to avoid slipping while lifting & to avoid scratches on motorcycle frame
  • The whole unit is high quality textured powder coated to ensure rust free life.
  • The jack is fitted with extra wide high-quality swivel castors integrated with bearings to ensure high-end stability & maneuverability.
  • Lay down speed can be controlled according to your convenience.
  • The non-marking feature of wheels doesn’t make any scratches on any smooth floors.
  • The innovative lifting arms & independent safety locks with anti-slip plates makes the storing with maximum safety.
  • The unique design of ladder type main frame gives anti-roll feature results to maximum stability.
  • The unique design allows high ground clearance of 10 mm to overcome any obstructions on floors below the said clearance while on move.


Harley Davidson
(All models with a minimum ground clearance of 4.5” while laid on kickstands)



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