Swing arm spools

Swing arm spools 6mm, 8mm & 10 mm in sizes

Swing arm spools

  • Professional carbon fibre & cnc billet aluminium hard anodised
  • Spools extreme quality carbon fibre inlay with billet aluminium derlin bushing inserted
  • Spools were machined with deep intends and raised lips to ensure perfect compatibility
  • Hardware included is the highest 12.9 grade for fitment of spools leads to long time use with maximum safety.
  • Helps to lift the rear wheel off the ground
  • Built to withstand extreme usage conditions
  • Difficult to find any marks on V-grooves even after frequent use
  • Always looks neat and clean
  • Directly mounts to swing arms
  • Perfect to use with spools compatible paddock stands
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most sports bikes*     (check compatibility)

carbon fiber swing arm spools 6mm

swing arm spools 10mm

swing arm spools 8mm